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10 Ways to Style a Button Up for Spring

The last of the spring style guides!

1. Every Day and Every Season

This first look is my favorite because LOOK AT THAT TREE! But also, because this look is by far the most versatile for any season. Just trade out any accessory, any denim, and any shoe and boom! Endless opportunities. So effortless, but plenty cute!





2. Every Day Spring

Here is how I would wear this top another way, but with more spring flair! I added a few trendy pieces like these tassel earrings, white pom pom jeans and platform sandals. This instantly takes the same top to more springy places. And it's plenty casual enough for any regular week or weekend day, but is still plenty cute for whatever fun spring activities are on your radar. I love this look for a baby shower to graduation party! I also want to note the way I tied up this top for this look. I just unbuttoned the bottom button and tied into a little knot, just for an even more unique look!




3. Work Wear

This top lends itself well to being dressed up for work, so it does not take much. Here I just paired the top with easy ankle length dress pants and some of my favorite mules for dressing up! I just front tucked the top which I think is a little more flattering. I also added fun earrings (another spring trend) to add a little flair. This is a pretty subtle outfit, which is often good for most workplaces, but its really the accessories that could spice it up depending on what is appropriate for your setting!




4. Dressed Up

So, I named this "dressed up" because I think this look covers a lot of different events. It could definitely be another office option, and I could totally see myself wearing this to church. But it could also be an every day look if you tend to lean towards dressing up. Or it could be great for an event like a shower, summer BBQ, or brunch. I love a collared shirt because they are so easy to tuck in to things, especially skirts! An easy and cute way to dress up just a bit in a way that is super classic!

Skirt (similar)


5. Dressed Down for the Weekend

Okay, this look is a second favorite for me! This is another every day look, but with a more casual bent! I would wear this to my job, running errands on the weekend, or strolling the beach. I have a graphic tee underneath, which, is a perfect way to dress down any look! I have it paired with a ball cap and easy slides for even more comfort ease! It's fun to leave the top open rather than buttoned up to be able to layer different options underneath!





6. Dressed Down for Summer

Here I am showing this top geared towards summer. This look isn't so different from some of the others, which is the beauty of this top! Its easy enough to swap out single items and totally change the look! So I have traded jeans for shorts (shorts with a pop) and added a fun sandal. What I love about this look is that the shorts and the sandals are what add to this outfit, and it just lets the top be low key. Some other outfits might allow the top to be the statement, but in this look its the shorts! Again, major versatility I love!



7. Rodeo or Memorial Day?

This just one just has be cracking me up. I really intended for this to be memorial day inspiration, but ended up just looking like a low key cowgirl! I added the neckscarf for a fun detail and paired with the denim skirt for something different. I do love the neckscarf, and I love the top both unbuttoned and tied up. Just yet another fun way to mix up this top!



8. Beach

This top is so versatile, it even wears to the beach! I have it over my bikini as just a lightweight cover up. I have a pair of soft chambray shorts underneath which are soo comfy and some of my favorites to wear on beach/boating days! I have a tendency to get sunburned (oops) so I love having a lightweight top with me to just throw on and cover up those shoulders. Perfect!



Flip Flops

9. Sweet and Sassy

All right, this one is a contender for favorite. I think of this as a more preppy look, which I am all about! I paired it with skinny jeans and fun wedges just to dress up the look a little bit without going overboard. Then I just half front tucked the top, which is another trendy option and another fun way to wear this top. The real winner of this look though is this headband. Obsessed! I love how it looks with this top, and I think it elevates this look! Again, this look achieves easy style with little effort but big impact!



10. Night Out

And finally, we have the going out look! This look features the top layered underneath, which is a first for this style guide! In cooler seasons, this top would be worn a ton underneath sweaters, jackets, and cardigans, but not so much in the spring/summer. But for a night out, when its presumably a little cooler, a jacket is perfect! The awesome thing about this top is how neutral it is, which means it could be worn with any kind of jacket of shoe! Here I threw on a moto jacket and added peep toe booties for an edgier look. I love how this came together!



So this was super fun- maybe I will repeat this in the summer as well! Thank you for reading along, I hope you found this whole series helpful! I certainly had fun doing it and loved sharing my thoughts with y'all :)