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10 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

Well well well, we have made it to spring! If you follow along on my blog you know that I posted 5 things you must have for spring earlier this month. Now I want to offer up style guides for each of those items! The first up is a denim jacket, because my jean jackets are probably the most worn item. And I LOVE this light wash and the light distressing on this one, so I could not wait to feature it in a bunch of outfits! The outfits I am sharing in this post are a combination of outfits I already wore and shot, and outfits I threw together to show the diversity of a denim jacket. Honestly, once I took this jacket home I could not WAIT to start wearing it. So let's get started!

Denim Jacket

1. Around the waist

2. Off the shoulder

Here we have the same outfit with the denim jacket being featured two different ways. Because realistically, if we're wearing our denim jacket as a layering piece; it might warm up and we won't need it anymore. So we definitely need other ways to hang on to the jacket even if we don't need it for warmth. That is one of the most beautiful things about a denim jacket! It is such a statement piece no matter what we do with it! Also, how cute is this jacket with this top?!




3. Over the shoulders

I love how chic this outfit looks with the denim jacket casually strewn over my shoulders. Honestly, I needed it as a layering piece in the morning but by the afternoon, I was roasting. So I threw it over my shoulders and we were good to go! I also think a denim jacket looks so cute with a sweater to bring it spring vibes!

Sweater (Similar)



4. Denim on Denim

I have been really afraid of wearing denim on denim but have recently gotten more brave. I wore this look in Spain and loved it! My best advice for denim on denim is to either choose two totally different washes or try to get as close as you can to the same wash. Anything in between looks a little kooky in my opinion. But a lot of people work it, and it's totally in this spring so go for it!


5. With a dress or jumpsuit

I love to wear my denim jackets with my dresses and jumpsuits. I think it the most spring perfect layering option. Pairing it with a dress is a great way to either dress up the jacket, or dress down the dress. Either way, this is a truly winning combination every time!

Dress (Similar)


6. Casually over a sweatshirt

Here I have the same denim jacket worn over a cozy tunic sweatshirt and leggings. A denim jacket is perfect to throw on and go over an outfit look like this and still look like you tried. I was bumming around the house all cozy in this outfit, but then when I wanted to head out to run errands, I threw on my jacket and felt ready to go!




7. Easy over a sweater

As I said earlier, I think a denim jacket over a sweater is a great way to take sweaters into spring. I have this combo paired with peep toe booties and leggings for an effortless and every look. And, if it gets too warm, throw the jacket around the waist or over the shoulders to keep up the spring vibe!

Sweater (similar)


8. Collars on collars

I love pairing my denim jacket with button ups and mock neck tops because I love the collar on collar look! I love the striping on this button up, and think it looks so springy under the jacket! I also popped the collar on the jacket in this look for a more edgy vibe and I am really digging it! Don't forget to add fun statement earrings to this look!




9. Dress up a tee or tank

The most effortless way to wear a denim jacket is over a cotton tee or tank. It definitely adds an additional layer of style to an otherwise basic look. But, there isn't anything basic about this look! I love the look of these jeans, and honestly them with a t shirt will be my spring uniform. There will be days I will need to look a little more put together and where I will need a little warmth, and I will definitely be reaching for my denim jacket!


10. Workwear

And finally, I am styling a denim jacket for the office! Whether it's a pencil skirt or dress pants, a denim jacket is the perfect way to take yourself into spring. This jacket looks so cute over this tank, but would look adorable with a blousey top or a crisp button up. So many options, but definitely work appropriate!




I hope you found a little inspo in this style guide, and maybe feel encouraged to try a new look! One other note, I did not spend a lot of money on this jacket (currently $45, but will go on sale), but I would have. I think a good denim jacket is worth an investment because of how much wear you can get out of it. Thankfully, you probably don't have to! But I would definitely consider a denim jacket a staple!

~ Happy Spring lovely people!