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5 Fall Must Haves

Fall Favs

My top 5 fall staples include:

1. A great pair of well fitting and versatile jeans

2. A cozy flannel

3. And an oversized and comfy cardigan sweater

4. A vest

5. A staple jacket in a neutral color

Let’s talk jeans first! Jeans come in sooooo many different colors, shapes and sizes. For me, the formula for a great pair of fall jeans is finding a fit that you absolutely love and buying it in a medium wash with a little added detail. I am a lover of high rise denim, and am a fan of J Crew Factory’s high rise fit. I think they are so soft and flexible making them comfortable and flattering! I love this particular pair in a medium wash with light distressing. I love the way a little distressing adds a little more appeal to any outfit! For you, maybe a darker wash feels more flattering, or light distressing is a not a practical option and you would prefer a frayed or step hem. That is totally fine! Whatever you think feels like it will be your go-to pair is your perfect fall denim!

Now the flannel! I think a flannel in a color combination that you love will easily become your most versatile fall piece. The red flannel I have featured here can easily be worn with every other layering option I have!

Flannel: Nordstrom (BP brand) * Sweater: Abercrombie * Jeans: J Crew Factory * Shoes: Target

Here it is featured with a cozy cardigan! This cardigan dresses up the flannel a little bit but is still an incredibly comfortable way to layer. Of course one could never have too many sweaters, but for me, my one must have is a white cable knit cardigan because of its infinite possibilities! I find myself reaching for this cardi more than any other! Maybe your style is better suited by a long black duster cardigan, or a simple crewneck sweater, or maybe one with a fun pattern. Whatever it is for you, a grab and go sweater is a must!

Vest: J Crew Factory

Now the flannel has all the lumberjack feels layered with this fleece vest! This is much more casual look, and is great for staying warm without over heating. In my opinion, a staple vest could be a puffer, a fleece, or a Sherpa. I personally have all three because I think vests are such a great option for layering. But it’s all about what works best for you and what works with your style!

Jacket: J Crew Factory * Tank: Target

Onto the final piece! Once fall rolls around, I find myself putting away my denim jacket and reaching for other neutral options. This dark green jacket is a fantastic option and can be worn with literally anything. This jacket is from J Crew Factory, and it comes out every single year because it is just that good. This jacket pairs well with a simple look with what I have here, would look awesome over that flannel, or would dress up well with a dress! Another huge plus is it can be worn with any bottom- denim, black, grey, brown, or colors. There isn’t a thing it doesn’t go with. For real. Try me.

The epitome of fall fashion is layering. Hopefully my five fall favs help you find some layering inspiration! Starting with those basic pieces that can mix and match will boost your confidence for sure. Start with pieces you love and get creating! I bet you already own them :)