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5 Spring Must Haves

Hey y'all!

I actually don't know if I have been more excited about a season ever before, until right now. This winter has been BRUTAL for us, and I am just ready for a refresh and reset. We took our winter vacation, so now we are home to wait out winter and pray for spring. So naturally, I am coping by online shopping and building my spring wardrobe!

I have seen what will be trending this year, and I am telling you that I am all about it. I have identified 5 different pieces that will become staples in your 2019 wardrobe. I am currently on the hunt for my PERFECT one of each of these, and want to take you all on the journey! Once I have them all gathered, I will share them and how to style them in all the chic and trendy ways. I also want to share with you which pieces I think are investment pieces and are worth spending some money on, and which are just going to come and go with the trends. So without further ado, here is the list!

1. White Top

This is pretty ambiguous and I mean it to be. This one allows for some personal taste meets classic style. I don't think there is anything more perfect than a crisp white top with fun details, to be styled a million different ways, for spring. For me, I am thinking chiffon or lace, 3/4 length sleeves, and potentially tunic length. This is one I know I am going to have to hunt for, but I also believe it to be one that can be worth the investment. A basic white top will never go out of style, and carries so many possibilities. Once I find this one for myself, I will definitely be styling this one up for you all!

LOVE this top from J Crew. So simple but with so many possibilities for styling.

2. Blue Button Up

I KNOW that this is not just a 2019 trend, but is around for all time! But I still put it on the list because I am in need of a new one and I still think it bears mentioning for the unique ways it can be styled for spring. I think a soft blue, maybe striped, button up carries so many amazing possibilities for spring. This is another top I will surely offer a style guide on, but right off the bat I am thinking about how it can be worn simply, or worn open, or worn tied at the front. It can be worn over or under. It can be worn casually or dressed up. To the office or on vacation. I mean come on. If you are not convinced yet, let me show you these TWO cute options to seal the deal :)

Love the detail on the sleeves here!

J Crew is the expert in button up style, so what better retailer to turn to to find one??

3. Denim Jacket

A good denim jacket is always a staple, and is very much worth the investment! I l like to have a lighter wash for spring and summer because I love how light denim looks with dresses and jumpsuits. But, really any denim jacket will do. Denim jackets come in style almost every spring and summer because of how perfect of a layering piece they can be. Pair it with leggings and a t shirt or over a dress. Either way, you are good to go! Definitely worth the investment, but its also not hard to find a great deal on a denim jacket. A real win that definitely made the top 5!

I love this jacket from Old Navy because of the extra distressing. So fun!

4. Plaid Blazer

A huge trend for spring 2019 is plaid, particularly blazers, particularly oversized blazers. And the funkier the plaid, the better. I have seen them absolutely everywhere!! I have seen them styled with shorts, with dresses, with graphic tees, and with distressed denim. Maybe you have never thought of a plaid blazer as versatile, and maybe they still aren't. But it doesn't matter, because this season we are pairing them with absolutely anything and everything. It works well for spring because it is another option for layering when it is still a little chilly. This is not an item I would say is worth investing a lot in as it probably not going to stay trendy for long. BUT still so fun to wear for now!

This plaid is not as funky as some others out there right now, but this Abercrombie one is perfect if you aren't too bold ;)

5. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits were a major trend last summer, and are coming back with even more of a vengeance! Casual jumpsuits, dressy jumpsuits, beachy jumpsuits, basic jumpsuits- you name it it is out there! I personally love this trend and plan to stock up! My advice is to invest in one that you LOVE and would be willing to dress down with sneaks or up with a blazer. Or grab a variety of inexpensive ones to play around with. I am guessing this trend is here to stay, so have fun with it!

This jumpsuit from Old Navy has the perfect up or down potential. I can see it with sneaks or wedges, or a denim jacket or blazer!

This is NOT the last you will see of this list, I intend to expound on each of these items as I find them in all my hunting. I will share my tips and tricks and finds along the way, and then do styling guides! Spring is upon us, and this is just the beginning! Happy shopping!

Denim Jacket in action!

Other notable Spring 2019 Trends:

- Statement Earrings

- Embroidery

- Bike Shorts (yes, really)

- Mom jeans

- Cheetah

Happy shopping, all!