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5 Summer Staples


Back with the ever popular seasonal staples, but this time it is SUMMER! Whooohooo I can't believe its here! I am going to share 5 staple pieces that are going to be a hit this summer, and stuff you won't want to miss. I will then be doing weekly posts in succession of this to offer ways to style as well! Just click any image below to shop my picks!

1. White Dress

For a long time I was under the impression that you can only wear a white dress if you area bride. So the summer I got married (6 years ago!!!) I wore TONS of white dresses and haven't really since. Well this summer it is definitely going to be different. Sure, I won't be wearing a white dress to a shower or wedding, but there are plenty of other occasions for a white dress! I would wear them to church, work, a backyard party, the beach, a concert, or just a day wandering around town. Thus a white dress is a must! And here are some of my favs:

In my opinion, you get what you pay for in a dress. Each of these is under $60 and would definitely last a whole season! But I wouldn't invest too much in a dress since trends change so often and whats in style this summer may not be next. But on the other hand, if its a dress you absolutely love, then I think its worth spending a little more to make sure it will last you a couple of seasons!

2. Denim Jacket

Yup, it's back on the list. A denim jacket is by far one of the most versatile pieces in my closet, and there are ways I can wear it for every single season. I said a lot about denim jackets in my spring post, so you could always peek at that, but mostly I can sum it up in one sentence. Invest in a denim jacket, because you will wear it every single day! Here are two of my personal favs:

3. Birkenstock

Undoubtedly, Birkenstocks are an investment. I am not going to lie, it took me a very long time to bite the bullet and take the plunge. But two summers ago, I had a coupon or something that saved me $20 and I went for it. They still look as new as the day I got them and I wear them almost every single day. They are the most comfortable sandal I own, so they are perfect for every single occasion. They are worth the hype! I can wear them to the beach or long days on my feet at work. I am not kidding when I say I wear them almost every day. So I would say, wait for a sale, but then definitely take the plunge!

4. Kimono

I think this is going to be one of the biggest trends of the summer! It is also the one I am the most excited to style because I already have so many fantastic ideas! There are tons of ways to dress up a kimono and ways to dress it down! It's the perfect lightweight cover up either for the beach or for a night out. As temps warm up, you will definitely want a kimono as back up rather than a jacket or sweater! Prices on kimonos vary greatly, so I think its easy to find one in your comfortable price point. I certainly don't think its the item on this list you have to splurge on! I have listed a variety of options below and this is just barely scratching the surface :)

5. Pull-on Shorts

Shorts are obviously super critical in the summer months, especially in places where it gets majorly warm. So investing in pairs that are comfortable, cute and make you feel good is incredibly important. With that though, shorts trends fluctuate just like any other investment piece. While you definitely want you trusty go-to pair of shorts for most days, you will probably want to know what the latest trend of the season is. This year, its definitely pull on cotton shorts! Which is personally a trend I can get behind because generally they are figure flattering and so comfortable! Here are a couple of my personal favorites that also happen to be budget friendly. I cannot wait to style these!

Other trend worth noting:

- Statement earrings

- Two piece sets

- High waisted bikinis

- Slide Sandles

- Tory Burch Millers (on my Christmas list)

- Hair accessories