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5 Ways to Style a Blazer for Spring

Okay I have to be a little bit honest about this post. I did not buy a spring blazer because I realized I already had a plaid one. And, I couldn't justify buying another one because I just don't find myself reaching for blazers very often. So I used what I had to create this post, and let's just say... I had to work with what I had and did the best I could. I have laid out 5 looks, and at the end I will link up some blazers that I think would look better with these looks. Hopefully that helps y'all visualize the blazer for spring!

1. Event Wear

We know that jumpsuits, maxis, and rompers are a huge hit this spring and are perfect for allll of those summer events we have to go to. I LOVE the looks of the plaid blazer over a jumpsuit, romper, or maxi dress. It just adds a higher level of chic to an otherwise easy breezy look. It also definitely adds a level of dressy, which makes it great for a date night! Here I have the blazer over a chic black jumpsuit with springy heels, and I would totally wear this out on the town or to a wedding!



2. Work Wear

Here I have the blazer paired with distressed denim, a plain tee, and mules. I love this effortless look for the office! Obviously distressed denim isn't cool in every work environment, but they could easily be swapped for plain jeans or black pants. I still think its easy enough to achieve this look! Jeans definitely dress down the blazer and make it look less business formal. The blazer definitely brings a new level of chic to business casual though. And, those mules definitely bring those spring vibes!


Mules (similar)



3. Errands

Now this one is by the far most out there. We can thank the Kardashians and Yeezy for this bike shorts/blazer trend. The bike shorts are back in a big way this spring and bloggers everywhere are taking them and making casual/out and about outfits. One of the chicest ways to wear the controversial bike shorts is by pairing it with a blazer. A more casual way to wear the bike shorts is with an oversized graphic tee. The bike shorts pretty obviously dress down the blazer, but are a super comfy way to wear the blazer out and about. There, you get two style tips in one.

Okay now for a funny. I am not on the bike shorts band wagon so I do not own a pair. These are my actual cycling shorts. With a shammy and everything. For biking. Not for running out and about.

So I don't think you will be seeing me in this on instagram, but just in case you are into it, I will share!


Bike shorts

Cycling shorts

4. Summery

On of my personal favorites in this post is this one- taking my spring and summer dresses and just throwing the blazer right over them. I love a blazer over a dress to mix a little feminine and masculine. In fact, that is usually my preaching uniform. So why would summer or spring be any different?! Especially because there are so many spring days we will need an additional layer over our fun dresses, so why not make it a blazer? Easy enough!


5. Every Day

And now for my actual favorite of the lis! I also think this one is the most practical on top of the cutest. I love a graphic tee under a blazer, and paired with these distressed shorts I think its a super chic spring time look! Pair it with some sneakers and bam! You have an elevated, chic spring look! This look is so versatile and I am not sure any of us think about grabbing our blazers as a layering piece with this look. But why not?! Still so super chic ;)




And here are some blazers that I think are super cute instead of this one that I bought last fall! I love this blazer, but I also love some of the ones below much better for spring!

Blazer 1

Blazer 2

Blazer 3

Blazer 4

Blazer 5

Blazer 6

Happy Shopping!