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5 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit for Spring

Hey y'all!

Okay this might be the style guide I am MOST excited for because I love a good jumpsuit! Jumpsuits come in casual styles, dressy styles, every day styles, and everything in between. Even within this variation, there are SO MANY ways to style every style of jumpsuit. That sounds redundant, but let me explain. I was wavering on which jumpsuit to style for this blog post (because I have many), and whether to showcase how to dress up a cotton jumpsuit or dress down a flowery flowy jumpsuit. It was a tough choice because each option posed so many cute styles and I was shocked at how long this blog post could have been. Ultimately, I chose a cute springy cotton jumpsuit to showcase a range from casual to work wear to beachy.

1. Casual & Comfy

Here I have this jumpsuit styled down with a windbreaker and tennis shoes. There is not much to say here because I think this feels like the natural way to wear this jumpsuit. The style and fit of this jumpsuit makes it easy to throw on a pair of sneakers and go. I added the windbreaker because this jumpsuit has short sleeves and quite honestly right now I need an additional layer! There are endless ways to layer a jumpsuit, so here is just the first way!




2. Every Day

Here I have the jumpsuit styled for bopping around every day. I added easy sandals to dress up the jumpsuit every so slightly, and added fun accessories to do the same. And again, in the event I would need an additional layer, I threw on my new favorite denim jacket! As you know from my previous blog posts, a denim jacket is the easiest and most versatile layering piece. So naturally a denim jacket is my choice for an easy and every day look. This particular look could take on many variations depending on which shoes and accessories you choose, but honestly this jumpsuit and this jacket are the most basic and effortless way to step out and look chic!

Denim Jacket

Cheetah Slides


3. Work Wear

Honestly, this one was fun and a little tricky! Since this jumpsuit errs on the casual side, I tried a couple of different ways to dress it up, and this ended up being my favorite! Again, I need a layering piece! So I threw on a basic black cardigan to really class up this super comfortable jumpsuit. But even without the cardigan, I think this look is super cute for the office! The wedges are the perfect springy accessory for dressing up this jumpsuit, and I love it! There are so many ways to accessorize this as well, but I chose super simple hoops. This look is effortless but is definitely work friendly!




4. Summery & Beachy

Now let's talk about how to take this jumpsuit into summer and to the beach. I paired it with this fresh kimono to really spice it up! I added easy slides to this outfit as well to be able to walk into the warm sand. Then of course, this hat just seals the deal! I love wearing a jumpsuit as a swim cover up, even though you can't see the suit underneath. Adding these accessories as layering and statement pieces get us to that beachy vibe without needing to the swimmie! I personally love this look, and would also wear this out and about on any given day. So good!




5. On it's Own

The thing that I think I love the most about jumpsuits is how easy they are to wear on their own. They are literally pants and a top and totally speak on their own. Here I have the jumpsuit on its own paired with a trendy hairscarf and simple yet statement shoes. Together, these pieces totally speak for themselves but also come together to make one chic look!


Y'all this was fun! Again, this is only 5 of the many that I could have showed from one jumpsuit. I hope this inspires you to go find a jumpsuit and play around with all of the different ways you will be able to wear it! GO get em girl!