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5 Ways to Wear a White Tunic

Next up in the spring style guide is how to wear a classic white top! These style tips could go for any white top, but the particular one I chose to style was tunic length and is an eyelet and lace material. This top is so pretty- I am in love! I think a classic white top that has all the details you love is a year round staple, but I am excited to help you take to spring. There are so many options and it can be so versatile, so I am excited to show you 5 options!

1. Every Day

Here I just paired this tunic top with distressed jeans and cheetah slides. This top looks so cute with these jeans- I love lace and distressing! You could do any shoe or accessories with the outfit this way and really let you personal style show. I think this top is so effortless and is its own statement piece, so for every day looks its best to just keep it simple and easy. Pair it with your favorite jeans and an easy shoe. Boom. Then the top makes the style statement! Nothing more classic than this look right here!




2. Dressed Down

Here I have the top paired with a fun pair of boyfriend overalls and tennies! Disclaimer- since my particular top is tunic length it is a little bunchy and that I do not recommend. However, I think you get the idea! I love the feminine details of this top paired with boyish overalls. I think it's the perfect way to dress down the top enough to wear tennies. Sometimes you just need an outfit that features a comfy shoe but still makes a style statement. In a way, a top like this needs to be toned down to be able to be worn so casually. The overalls take the top down a notch and really give it a different look that is super ready for tennis shoes!



3. Night Out

Here I have the top dressed up to go out! I paired it with a leather jacket and spanx faux leather leggings and simple heels. This look could easy go with any leather jacket or any leggings. But, I love the feminine details on this leather jacket to match the top. The jacket is a blush pink and has a peplum fit with faux lace details. Then paired with the edgier faux leather leggings, you get a really chic look! I definitely can't say no to a mismatch of styles and this one is a winner! I love this tunic because of how easily it can be paired with jeans and leggings (even on me!). I love how it looks with heels and how it can still make its own statement with all of these pieces! Also, this would be the perfect work to weekend look!




4. Office Styles

This top has so many possibilities- including the office! I have it paired with these fun and wonderful work pants because the white top will go with any pattern and any color. Aka it will go with ALL your work pants! I have it paired with fun pants and fun accessories because again, I just can! The office is a great place to get a little more bold with a fun shoe or earring because the top is so soft and pretty. You could also tone it down and wear simple accessories and throw on a blazer for even dressier look. Get the theme? So versatile!






5. Summer Day

And finally, since we all have warm weather on the brain, why not start thinking about styling this top for warmer weather?! I love this look with the top tucked into shorts and with my most favorite beach hat! I think this tunic would be perfect as a beach cover up! Its long enough to go on its own with a swimsuit underneath, and the back detail would let the swimmie peep out a little bit! Any kind of short and shoe would do, but this top will also be so perfect on hot summer days at the beach! Literally, the most versatile!



I hope you found this helpful, you know you will be seeing much more of this top!