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5 Winter Must Haves

I started this list intending to really showcase only 5 pieces. However, as I started to pul out pieces, I realized I was torn! If you are from a cold climate like I am, you know that a "winter must have" list has to cover both stay warm essentials, and fashion staples to required to elevate a cold weather looks. SO I decided to reroute this blog post to talk about what I consider my cold weather MUST HAVES and 5 ways to make sure you still chic when wearing them. So, enjoy!

Cold Weather MUST HAVES

Winter Coat




I swear by this coat and these boots as the warmest and best options for those living in cold climates. Of course, they are a bit of an investment, but they are just that, an investment. Once you buy good cold weather gear, you don't have to replace them! A good coat and good boots last FOREVER. Then these leggings are awesome. I am sure there are other options for insulated leggings, but I wear this particular pair every time I have to spend significant amounts of time outside in the winter. Plus, I have had them for like five years and they are holding up super well! And then this hat is the perfect segway to the next section. It is super warm and super cute to elevate your look!



Perhaps the most obvious (but most effective) way to elevate a cold weather outfits is a scarf. They come in endless amounts of colors, patterns, and fabrics which means you can change your look by just changing your scarf! Totally easy but so effective.


In the same vain as the scarf, colorful and fun accessories is really the name of the game. Here I have added a beloved pair of glittens in a fun pop of color that matches my scarf! These particular glittens come in a ton of colors so grab a few and have fun mixing it up!


Peeking socks has been pretty trendy the last few years, I don't think its going anywhere anytime soon. I LOVE these camp socks because they always come in a bunch of colors so I stock up every year. They look so cute sticking out of a variety of boots and are SO WARM. They are the perfect height too, making them a great option for poking out of winter boots!

Great Jeans (Check out these from Madewell!)

A more day to day look for me is trading out these leggings for a great pair of jeans! Of course, jeans aren't always super warm, but it works for me when I just want to run in and out of work and be warm but look chic. Or when I am shopping at an outdoor mall. Or running errands. Or date. Okay ANYTHING. Choose a pair with a little visual interest like button fly, distressing, or a released hem for an even more elevated look!

Great Sweater

Again, my day to day usually looks like removing all the extra accessories, and just wearing great jeans, a cute sweater, and my fav coat. Honestly, I usually leave my coat open (because lazy), so my sweater pokes through! Then add a cutie scarf to replace warmth lost by leaving my coat open, and BOOM! Chic!

You could also always trade out the winter boots for cute heeled booties to protect from snow damage and still stay warm, but look oh so effortlessly cute (and cozy).

Stay warm, babes! Winter is coming :)