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6 Ways to Wear Birkenstocks

Hey all!

Here is the first post in a series on how to style those summer staples. The first is those birkenstock sandals! Now again, these shoes are definitely an investment and I totally get they may not be in everyone's budget. The good news there is their are a ton of dupes for birkenstocks out there, and every outfit I am sharing would look equally as adorable with those dupes! But I will say, I bought my birks three years ago and wear them almost every single day three summers in a row. If there was ever a shoe that is worth the investment, I am confident it is these! I know I will probably wear them for like seven more years to come.

Also, I know that birks may trigger folks back to those 90's days where fashion was funky and grungy. But to that I say, the 90's are back people! This is a rolling train that we can't stop. we might as well hop on. That's my motto anyway, and if they weren't so dang comfy I might resist more. But nope. I am fully owning that I am conductor of this train!

1. Beach/Boat/Pool/Whatever

Ball Cap


I wear my birkenstocks every time that we go to the lake or go out on the boat. Partly because they are so easy to throw on and go, but also because they are actually really good for your feet and sometimes the boat can be hard work. Aka they are way better than a flip flop. I think they are the perfect shoe for a casual summer beach day look, but have the perfect amount of comfort and support to go out in all day. They also look a little cuter, or more like you tried maybe, than a regular flip flop. I am all about still putting in the effort for style and these shoes help me do that!

2. Every Day- Casual


I showed this outfit as my REAL ootd for today because I am super serious about wearing these almost every day of the summer. This is a real outfit I would wear to work and its super simple- just a tank, jeans, and an accessory. I am not kidding when I call this my uniform because I wear some variation of this look almost every day, and my birks always accompany it! They are perfect for walking around a lot at work and being able to move quickly and with support, while also still looking cute! You know me, never sacrificing for style!

3. Every Day- Dressed up


Now I don't dress that casually every single day, and I know many of you don't have that luxury either. So I show cased this outfit to show that birks are great for an every day look regardless of if you lean towards dressy or dressed down! They are as cute as can be with this cute tank and these dressy little shorts. Again, this is something I can wear to work and still be comfy and then take this look out to dinner or to the weekend and still be super cute!

4. Dressed Up


Here is an actual "tried" or "event" look featuring the birks. I am not afraid to wear them paired with a dress, in fact I LOVE that look! If I have a shower, or day out downtown, or wine tasting, or a backyard party I would totally wear this look. I do love a dress in the summer and if I have to get really dressy I could throw on some cute sandals or some wedges. But what I would prefer, like for those events I listed above, is if we're going to be outside that I could slide into the comfort and ease of my birkenstocks. Y'all, these are the lowest maintenance shoes and I kid you not when I say I will wear them ANYWHERE. I knew that I wanted to show you a more dressed up look just to demonstrate the range of versatility. They are not just a casual shoe even though they are the most comfy. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort!!

5. Dressed Waaaay Down


Obviously this is as dressed down as it gets for summer. Bike shorts and a tank. Again, to show the range of versatility, these shoes are easy to throw on and go in WHATEVER outfit. Even if I just have to bum around and I don't care how I look, I still find myself reaching for those birks. And look, so cute!!

6. Transitionally


Now maybe this is mostly relevant to those of us who live in the North or in the Midwest, but sometimes we're still reaching for those jeans and a jacket. I wanted to showcase these in that look because they are a comfortable way to still bring summer vibes to an other wise transitional outfit. I also wear my birks well into the fall while still holding on to the hopes of summer because I also love how they look with my fall clothes. I definitely think that is demonstrated here. The other thing I really wanted to show you in this look is my most favorite combo ever. As you can see I will and do wear my birks with absolutely anything and everything, BUT my favorite paring ever is my birks and my boyfriend jeans. If I am wearing my BF jeans, it is a GUARANTEE that I will be wearing my birkenstocks. I love love love love it. So I wear jeans a lot in summer (nature of the job) and boyfriends are my fav summer jeans. Naturally I will pair my fav summer jean with my fav summer shoe and roll with it. But in the middle of June when I am annoyed I have to throw on a jacket, you bet I am going to protest by still wearing my birks.

I hope this was helpful! Don't forget to shoot me any questions <3