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6 Ways to Wear Shorts


Today's blog post is all about this years shorts trend- the pull on short! I am happy to link a couple of my fav pairs but I am featuring this particular pair from Old Navy! This particular pattern is sold out, but they keep coming out with new patterns as summer goes on. I will also put a link for a ton of short options for you to shop as well, in case this pair doesn't suit what you are looking for!

I love how comfy and effortless these shorts are, and how flattering they can be for any body type! Lets be honest that some of us have a love/hate relationship with shorts but I promise these pull on versions exceed expectations! So happy shopping and happy styling!

1. Beachy/Summery


I wore this actual outfit to work today, but I intended for it to be styled as the "beach look." This is literally my boating uniform- a ball cap, birks, shorts, and a tank. The only thing that is missing is the actual swimsuit underneath! These shorts are perfect for boating, the beach, the lake, or the pool because they are so stinking comfortable but don't have the same athletic vibe like workout shorts. They are basically workout shorts but way cuter!

The truth is these shorts definitely lean on the casual side. I think there are some versions of the shorts that lend themselves to be a little dressier but this pair isn't it. So this is probably the most dressed down I am going to feature, but honestly still totally works for the every day! Even as it gets a *little* dressier as we go long, each outfit is basically a variation of this :)

2. Every Day (dressed down)


So here I have an every day look perfect for a chill summer day! Take this look from running errands to a stroll around the neighborhood to an ice cream date. I just paired the shorts with a little dressier black tee, a little dressier sandals, and a denim jacket! The denim jacket is of course practical but also serves as just another accessory. Also the tee and sandals are equally as comfortable as the previous look, but I really look put together this whole look just looks a little more dressed up!

3. Every Day (dressed up)


All righty, here we have an even dressier top with a little more detail (still super comfy and rather casual) with a slightly cuter sandal! And then our practical but dressier accessory is this great jacket! Each new piece is just elevating the shorts to get a little more ready for ANYTHING. I wish I had added statement earrings to this look because then this would truly be something I would wear out and about during the day and then take it to a happy hour, wine tasting, or date night.

4. Work?


I am well aware that shorts are not allowed in most work places. But imagine this look for work wear (if your able) or the dressiest way to wear these shorts! I love this collared shirt and block heels to really dress up these shorts. I could see this look going from the office to happy hour to the weekend in a snap. You could easily throw a sweater or jacket over this look too for even more dressed up ness. And of course, I wish I had added statement earrings :)

5. Transitional

Everything in this look has already been linked, and the cardi is old so no link here!

Okay okay don't hate me.... but I always think about how to wear shorts on cooler nights or cooler days or into September when I can't stand the thought of summer ending. These shorts are literally perfect. Here I paired with that same soft tank and super comfy little slides with a long cardigan. Now tell me this doesn't look like pajamas. But so cute at the same time?! Trade out those sandals for wedges and you have a great work outfit. Trade the cardi for a kimono and you have a summery beachy look. Jazz up the look with a graphic tee. So many different options but honestly these shorts are perfect for cozy bonfire nights and chilly mornings. And here is another way to wear the same shorts transitionally, just for good measure:

Happy shopping and styling!