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Boots with the Fur!

Hello all!

It is Monday once again, which means NEW POST! I love that y'all read this little blog of mine, it brings me so much joy!

That being said, this post is going to be quite simple. Ever since I bought these boots this fall, I have had my eye on these little cuties. Once I decided to pull the trigger, they went out of stock entirely. SHOOT. So I watched and watched and waited and waited and FINALLY I found my size buried in a pile of shoes in a store!!!

I quick tried them on, and instantly thought "huh." It was not love at first sight. I sent a picture to my fashionista friends, desperately wondering if they were cute or weird. I hemmed and hawed in the store and eventually decided to just get them. I justified it by thinking to myself, "I could always return them but there was no guarantee they would have my size anytime soon." So I went home with them!

Then I embarked the best journey for deciding whether or not to keep something. I styled them three very different ways to see if I could see myself reaching for them. And you know what, it worked! Follow along to see what I decided :)

1. Cozy and Warm Athleisure

I could totally see myself throwing on these boots to go with a winter athleisure look. They will keep my feet warm and toasty while still looking like a snow bunny! Loving these paired with this white pullover and white beanie!

Pullover- Sold Out- Similar



2. Weekend Casual

When you want to be comfortable on the weekend, and yet presentable. I thought these cutie little boots were the perfect addition to this easy breezy look. They add something different, and perfectly fit the vibe of "I am comfortable, but I look really cute."

Sweater- Sold Out- Similar



3. Going Out

Okay, this might be my personal favorite. In fact, I might wear this in Detroit in a couple weeks! I threw on a normal outfit that I might wear on any night out on the town in the winter, and I LOVE these boots paired with this look! I am really into the pop of white, and the way it brings out the white stripes. Loving this!

Sweater- Sold Out- Similar



Okay, okay, I am sure at this point you have guessed it. I AM KEEPING THEM. We are going on a youth group ski trip in a couple weeks and I am going to wear the heck out of them!

What I really wanted this post to accomplish was helping you all try a new way to decide about the worthiness of an item. My best advice? Try it out! Style it! See if it feels right! It definitely helped me decide about these boots!

Let me know if it was helpful for you!

Happy Monday, all.