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Cozy Gal Gift Guide

All righty, its time for the first gift guide of 2020! The worst year ever, amirite? There are so many things about this year that have been challenging, and unfortunately it seems as though the holidays will not come out unscathed either. Nonetheless, we can still get gifts for our loved ones and spend some time picking out something that will make them feel thought of and cared for! It is bound to make this year a little brighter and hopefully end on a high note!

So in honor of 2020, I decided to start with a gift guide full of cozy stuff! I think cozy has been the name of the game this year with all the extra time we are spending at home, so why not spoil and stock all the people in your life for another season of extra time at home! I have picked out some items that are my go to for a cozy day at home, and some that I have on my wish list! The prices range from $10-70 so there is also something for every person on your list!


For this category, the options are truly endless. So many cozy sweatshirt options out there, within lots of price points, for you to choose something that suits your loved one's personality. I picked up this "good vibes" sweatshirt from Target recently for only $17, making it a great and easy gift for literally anyone. Even that cousin you got in the gift exchange that you don't know all that well. This one is hella soft and I want to wear it every single day. It's my top choice as a great gift, but any cozy sweatshirt will do. It's a good stocking stuffer, Christmas morning PJ gift, extra filler gift, gift for a distance family member, fun friend gift exchange idea. Plenty of options for this one at a great price point!


2020 has even forced my 24/7 dress pant wearing husband to invest in a good pair of joggers, and I think I will be slipping the mens version of these under the tree for him this year! This is probably the one item on this list that I will tell you BUY THIS ONE. I think we could all use a new pair of sweats after sitting in them so much this year, and this pair is definitely a worthy investment and will quickly become the favorite! Because that's what happened to me. Yes, these are pricy but that makes them a great santa gift if you need to surprise a guy or gal and this counts as both practical and an investment!


This one kind of speaks for itself but we all have had more time for hobbies this 2020, so maybe that makes a perfect gift idea for someone on your list? And a book or audio book is a super easy gift to give anyone on your list! You simply have to ball park what their top interests are, and find them something to read that they will love. Also super affordable- a general crowd pleaser!


Another easy and inexpensive idea thats sure to be a crowd pleaser. This is a good option for the "gal who has it all" because one can have an endless supply and still find a reason to wear them all. I lived in ball caps during quarantine and I think as we go into winter, I will be living in beanies! A wintery hat of sorts would also make a great gift for young and old, and guy or gal! Or a scarf or mittens etc. It would also be super cute to buy a matching option if you have to buy for a bunch of folks on your list and be sure to snag a pic.


Here is another option for the gal who has it all, for a parent, an inlaw or just someone who likes to be cozy! But here is what I will say if this is something that draws your eye. A blanket usually isn't a super appreciative gift unless its like a really good blanket. So make sure you test it out and read the reviews to make sure what you are buying is soft and cozy and good quality. Otherwise, it might be likely to go in the regift section. But if its nice and soft, its bound to live on the bed or couch, no matter how many already live there! The one I have shared here is a tried and true for me- SO SOFT- and is my nighttime snuggler. Its a higher price point but I truly recommend it with all my heart. This one from Target is also a high recommendation and is much less.


Cozy robes are getting a reboot in popularity this year, so if you find out a gal on your list doesn't already have one, I say scoop it up! This one is highly reviewed and is super super soft in person and is a great price point! You could also get a less aggressively fluffy robe for a new momma or the person who generally runs warm and doesn't like big fluffy things. This one from Amazon is instagram famous and under $20. Another great option for a parent, in law, or child!


I am officially hooked on these Worlds Softest Socks. I have short socks, calf length, and knee high in these socks and they are so cozy! I actually like them more than my slippers (unpopular opinion). I got these from a local to me boutique, but Ill put their website here because anyone can shop them! Definitely important to shop small this year! This probably goes without saying, but these make the perfect stocking stuffer, grab gift, office exchange gift, teacher gift etc. So cozy and Ill be you will even have to grab a pair for yourself!


This is a very similar idea to the socks above. There is soooo much variety in cute little mugs that you can definitely get something to suit your gals taste. Plus its easy to find mugs at small businesses too to support local! These also make cute stocking stuffer or gift exchange ideas, or can be paired with anything else on this list to make a nice overall cozy gift. Also pairs nicely with a starbucks gift card ;)

Blue Light Glasses

Now here is an idea that is both fun and practical! Since we are all doing so much more virtual this year, I think blue light blockers is super important. So again, if there is anyone on your list who doesn't have a pair, scoop these up ASAP! I have linked to these Warby Parkers because they are super high quality and will last forever, but you can definitely find cheaper starter pairs out there too! These would be fun to pair with a book or a Kindle or something!

Everything I shared, you can purchase by clicking on the gift image itself and it will take you to LiketoKnowit for shopping :) Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas


xoxo, Alyssa