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Fall Wedding Guest Looks


If y'all's fall looks anything like mine, you also have a TON of fall weddings! I think a fall wedding is definitely in vogue right now, and you know what? As far as fashion goes, I am here for it! But I get it. A summer wedding is easy- you literally just throw on a dress and go! Fall requires a little additional thought. What color do I wear? What shoes do I wear? What if it gets chilly? Do I wear tights?

These are all fair questions! I have linked several great fall wedding guest dress options down below, and am offering a few great tips on how to prep and style for a fall wedding!

Fall Wedding Guest Tips:

1. Jumpsuits!

A jumpsuit is totally the answer for a chilly fall night evening event! You don't have to worry about tights or those little legs getting cold. PLUS a jumpsuit is so trendy and chic right now, that it is by far the easiest thing to throw on and be ready for a wedding! Of course, a full length dress would serve the same purpose if a jumpsuit is outside of your comfort zone!

2. Colors

Some of the hot colors for fall right now are totally do able for a fall wedding. Emerald green, mustard, gold, burnt orange, seafoam green, and burgundy! And of these fun and trendy colors are perfectly wedding appropriate, but of course depending on the brides colors for the wedding, it might be worth skipping that one. The other question I hear asked a lot is can I wear black to a wedding. The answer is YES. Especially a fall one. Black is so chic and effortless and I think is always a classic choice!

3. Patterns

The same idea about color applies to patterns. A perfect go-to guest option is choosing a beautiful dress in a trendy pattern! Some of my personal favorites are cheetah print, paisley, and florals. You will some of these trendy looks featured in my linked picks since they are all over! My personal fav is a mock neck, midi length cheetah option. I am obsessed.

4. Booties

I think an easy way to transition a look from a summer wedding option to fall is to swap out heels for heeled booties. I have linked a few shoe options below that I think would perfectly finish off any of the looks above! And if you opt for a simple colored dress, jumpsuit, or skirt, try a fun pair of patterned booties for a little pop!

5. Jacket

The reality is in most places around the country, a jacket is going to be a must for a fall wedding. If you think you will need a jacket, I suggest opting for a dress or jumpsuit that doesn't have wild sleeves. I have made the mistake before of picking out something with cute ruffle sleeves, but then get frustrated that I did not consider having to wear a jacket. If you do happen to fall in love with something with sleeve detail, you could always grab a blanket or silk scarf to wrap up in rather than a jacket. My jacket suggestions are a leather jacket, blazer, or moto jacket for a more elevated look. Your best bet is a sleeveless jumpsuit with a jacket over it and paired with booties for a still very chic look, but one you won't necessarily have to worry about freezing in!

Here are a couple of accessories I am loving!

Happy shopping and happy weddings!

xoxo Alyssa