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Gift Guide for Coworkers

Hi all!

Coming at you with one final gift guide since we are nearing the end of guaranteed delivery! Of course, there is still time to shop (don't to make anyone feel stressed) but as far as getting things via the mail, the timeline is getting tight. SO here are some options for you whether you just love your coworkers so much you want them all to have a gift, you want to get your bosses a gift, or you have a name draw/secret santa type game at work. Here are some fun options for those coworkers!

1. Mug

I feel like a fool proof easy option is a cutie coffee mug. Depending on your budget or what mug you choose, you could always add a coffee gift card to go with it! These are two of my favs and seem to be easy crowd pleasers when buying for someone you do or do not know well.

2. Drinkware

If you know your coworker or boss and know their drink preferences, drinkware is also a super cute option! Coffee is super safe and seemingly work appropriate, but some work cultures make known a person's love of wine or bourbon or beer. If you know a persons preference, go with that! Grab bourbon rocks, a cute wine sipper, or a build your own craft beer 6- pack. There are PLENTY of fun options for this category, and that's just it. Don't be afraid to have fun with this one!

3. Gag gifts

I am not sure why, but when I think of getting my coworkers gifts, I sort of immediately jump to funny gifts. Or gag gifts. Or just plain creative. So in the same vein of getting a little silly and creative here is a best selling option on Amazon right now! A coloring book for de-stressing and a little humor which is always good for the soul.

4. A new read

I work both in ministry and social work, both of which are always have new readings come out to stay on top of! So depending on where you work or what the field is, maybe the latest best seller is a great idea too! I think we can always be adding our libraries. Or even if you happen to know your coworker is an avid reader. Or, the easy way out on this one is an Amazon gift card.

5. Metal Straws

This one is clever and also super practical. I have several (I think this exact set) and I keep one everywhere- my purse, my car, my work bag, the house, and I use them everywhere! Its also super nice that this one comes with a carrying case and cleaning brushes. To round this one out, add a fun mug or a favorite beverage of the recipient! Its a gift that keeps on giving and just makes total sense!

6. Hand Lotion

Regardless of who your bossess or coworkers are, or what your occupation is, I think nice hand lotion makes a great gift! I am always lathering up on lotion at work and get asked to borrow. Of course, I don't mind sharing but I also just think that means great gifts! Ive linked a couple options for choosing what kind your coworker might appreciate and what might fit your work setting!

7. Notebook

I know that handwritten notes are a thing of the past these days, but I am a sucker for a notebook full of thoughts, ideas, and learnings. I gave CJ a notebook a couple years ago in his stocking and he uses it for drawings at work and loves it! I even got it engraved and it looks pretty good ;) So a fun idea for any coworker who you know is also a lover of a good old fashioned notebook!

8. A plant!

For those of us who spend lots of hours of our days working inside, we are a little lacking in the nature and healing department. A great way to help your coworkers bring the outside in is with a plant for the office. It is both decorative and good for self care! And it's super unexpected and creative. I am not the expert, but do some research to make sure it's low maintenance and okay to be indoors.

9. Socks

Okay socks may seem like a lame gift but these socks are awesome! For every pair purchased, Bombas donates a pair to a homeless shelter or agencies that work with folks experiencing homelessness! And I can verify because every quarter, we get FIVE HUGE BOXES of Bombas and it is awesome. I cannot believe I haven't put these on a gift guide yet because honestly these are the socks you should get everyone on your list.

10. This list

Honestly though, this website has some hilarious and specific ideas in case any of these don't suit you! Like I said, there is nothing wrong with going a little gag for a coworker! Some of these are just plain clever and some are hilarious and some are just perfect. Its definitely worth pursuing to see if one of these just happens to fit your coworker or boss!

Happy shopping!