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Gift Guide for Men

Hi all!

This week's gift guide is the first of gift guide's for men! This one is with a budget $50 and under. So think for your brother, stocking stuffers, secret santa, and or just your man on a budget! Everyone's budget looks different, so I tried to round up a whole lot of price points so everyone can find something!

I also need to state for the record, that I had some help with this one from the lovely husband. He wanted me to say that with most of these things, particularly tools, hobby items and technology, you get what you pay for. And for the most part, he would not condone going cheap just for the sake of going cheap. Especially if the dude in your life is going to use them frequently! But he had oversight of and approved everything I am sharing and we will do a larger budget gift guide later on where he will dig deep into what he thinks is worth the money! But for someone who is just casual about these things, these items would make great gifts! Again, this gift guide is just a spring board to get you thinking. The following categories may be exactly what you are looking for, but if not, ignore it and skip to the next one! So without further ado, here's the list!

1. Tools




So this is one of those categories I was talking about above. I asked CJ about good tools for under $50 and the first thing he named was the oscillating multi tool. The thing does many things (of which I don't really know what) but he seemed confident that it was a good option. Then he struggled to think of much else but said that a good set of drill bits is always good and one can never have too many of those, and accessories are always good. I feel like CJ never has enough tool storage! So I recommend a tool bag or shelving unit for that guy in your life, or maybe a drill bit or screw driver set for that cousin or secret santa you don't know super well. Always great options at Home Depot and Lowes ;)

2. Hobby




My hubby is a cyclist, a woodworker, a boater, mechanic, and an overall handyman. He is literally always tinkering on something (although he would tell you he "does more than tinker!") so the options of hobby related items is endlesssssss. But also usually pretty pricey. I am sure the guys in your life have a variety of hobbies as well that may be different than mine, but still the same conundrum of trying to find something that fits the budget. Maybe your guy is a golfer, hunter, sports fan/enthusiast, wine or bourbon connoisseur, or a musician. Because the possible hobby list could go on forever, it was hard for me to pick a handful of items to display here, so I decided not to. So far this gift guide is starting out a little funky, I know. But I just want to jog your thinking so that you might be encouraged to think of something you weren't before! So I mentioned hobbies to get that brain a thinkin! If it was CJ, I would get him a mechanic's manual for his new truck, new cycling gloves, and some small wood working tools. For you it might be new camo, golf tees and balls, or a new team jersey! Whatever it may be, I couldn't fit it alllll in here. Maybe next year I will do a whole gift guide for hobbyists and enthusiasts :) For now, here are some totally random ideas!

3. Loungewear




Okay now we are getting into the good and specific! I think guys are the same as gals in that there is nothing wrong with a little comfy cozy wear! I think pajama pants, sweats, comfy sweatshirts are all great gift ideas for men too! Whether its your partner, your dad, or a secret santa option. Anyone and everyone wears comfies so its a great option! I have linked some very affordable options here at retailers with plenty more options to choose from, but chose my personal favorites for you.

4. Drinkware




This was CJ's favorite topic to consult on! Every year the boy asks for some type of drinkware, whether it's a new size yeti or some fancy ice maker for old fashions. This year he wants two new Yeti's (though the brand I am sharing is the best dupe ever and like a third the price), a wine chiller, a vacuum seal for wine bottles, and a Brumate. What's a Brumate you ask? Well I am glad you did! FINALLY someone came out with a cooler the size of a white claw and high noon *insert praise hands emoji* We love our white claws and high noons for boat sips and it has always been highly annoying that they don't actually fit in the Yeti coolers. Well the game has been changed my friends! Therefore, I recommend getting that bad boy for EVERYONE on your list- literally everyone. I have nothing more to say on that.

5. Cold Weather




Another great stocking stuffer/affordable gift option for that dude in your life is good ole cold weather accessories. I know CJ goes through gloves and hats so quickly because he is always outside working on something. And he may never actually wear a scarf like this, but some of the other men in my life would! Just a few options for guys who need to stay warm too!

6. Flannel


I find it so much easier to get men clothing for the holidays than women. Men are overall a lot less picky about they look and much more appreciative of getting them as gifts rather than having to pick them out on their own. I always get CJ a new dress shirt or two and sometimes a flannel. I think a nice plaid shirt makes a great gift for just about anybody! CJ has a couple of favorite shirt options, and his favorite flannel is what I have linked here. They come highly recommended so they will be great for your guys too!

7. Slippers/socks


They make these slippers for men!!! Which means you definitely need to snag them for every guy in your life. Literally all of them. All you need to know is shoe size! I feel like slippers and socks are a great go to stocking stuffer, and CJ agrees they are always appreciated. His favorites are hands down Smartwools, but I also love getting men Happy Socks and Bombas. The beautiful thing about Bombas is for every pair that is purchased, a pair gets donated to a homeless shelter! HQ, the drop-in center I work at, is the recipient of Bombas socks and we get boxes full of HUNDREDS at a time and it is such a major blessing. So definitely a cause worth supporting! You can shop them here.

8. Portable Phone Charger


In this day and age, everyone ought to have a portable phone charger. Maybe even two. So why not add that to this list? In my experience, guys tend to love getting things like this for Christmas, or as an accessory in the stocking. It seems like a great option to me! I have also linked a cheaper option here.

9. Automotive




I alluded to some items in this category in the hobby category, but I ended up deciding to just make this its own category, because CJ has some ideas for the vehicle for every guy out there! Whether or not he's a guy who frequents the mechanics shop or the do-it-himself kinda guy, it never hurts to have these affordable items! Which makes them a great and unique gift idea! CJ swears by this car cleaner as being the absolute best out there. Chemical Guys makes tons of cleaning products, so you really can't go wrong with anything from the website. These also make great office secret santa gifts for that unknown person or person you really don't know that well. Also, fantastic stocking stuffers!

All righty, that's a wrap on the under $50 gift guide! Hopefully that helps develop some great ideas for the male people in your life :) As always please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Happy shopping!