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Give Back This Holiday Season!

This is a season where those of us are trying to make a difference in the world have to try a little harder to take a stand. There are louder voices, stronger markets, and traps of comparison and desire that we have to fight through. Hopefully this post helps clear a path towards more conscious gift giving that counters some of the terrible temptations of our culture!

Happy shopping!


Able is a company focused on ending generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women. Each purchase through Able is closing the gap and putting an end to generational poverty. Able allows women to have chance of employment and leads them away from the temptations of prostitution. Not only is their cause beautiful, but so are their products! I would honestly add every single item on their site to my Christmas list. My very favorite are their pocket totes!


I think TOMS might be the first company that everyone thinks of when you think of companies giving back. What I did not know until recently is everything that TOMS gives back! Did you know that they give back shoes, sight, clean water, safe birth, and help prevent bullying! I am awe struck with the ways this company has grown and through their growth created and implemented new ways to provide for those in need! Check out their "improving lives" on their site to read more! TOMS is committed to a one to one impact- for every pair of shoes, glasses, bag, coffee, etc. you give they give back to one in need!

The Happy Hour

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is my VERY favorite podcast! Jamie interviews a different woman each week and they talk through life, careers, family, and so much more! I literally wait for Wednesday morning every week for the new podcast notification on my phone! Jamie now has merchandise available and this "Be Kind" sweatshirt is too cute! Jamie encourages women to be bold, beautiful, creative, and most importantly encourages that all life events are worthy! Jamie also released a book (If You Only Knew) this year and is such a good read to add to your list! For other ideas of where to shop this season- Jamie's holiday podcast is all about companies that give back or created for good!

Starfish Project:

The Starfish Project was created to provide hope for exploited women in Asia. The Starfish Project provides vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and educational grants for women and their children. These women create beautiful jewelry! Not only do they create the jewelry but they help run the business on all ends- from photography, graphic designing, to accounting! "Because of your purchase exploited women and girls will experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers." Each piece of jewelry is beautiful and the perfect unique gift for the ladies on your list! How fun would it be to have a jewelry exchange party and bring a pair of Starfish project earrings??


Most famous for their “punjamies,” this company hires women escaping trafficking or domestically abusive relationships in India. The women who carefully and intentionally craft the clothing pieces and accessories earn money called Freedom Funds which goes towards safe housing, microloans, or back-to-school programs. The clothing items are beautiful, soft, and comfortable. An excellent gift for any woman in your life!

Bright Endeavors

This candle company is based in Chicago and hires mothers who are either teen mothers or are considered low-income. The program hires mothers who are looking for work, and seeks to break the cycle of poverty by helping women access housing, have mentorship relationships, and build job skills/trainings. The model is beautiful in that encourages long term relationships, and bases success on closing the gap in generational poverty here in a local community! This is a beautifully biblical model for addressing social problems in our world. Plus, the candles are to die for!!! Again, can you even go wrong with a candle as a gift?


Everlane is committed to ethical production practices and total transparency. They are rocking the market by using totally transparent market research, product costs, and overhead. By keeping these numbers public, they are being held accountable by the consumer. This helps the ever challenging balance between the cost of being ethical and sustainable and what the consumer is willing to pay for this balance. Everlane also has a really modern and clean aesthetic that would likely be loved by everyone on your list!


I am a true Patagonia LOVER. Patagonia is expensive, but I also know that in that cost I am getting a product that has been ethically sourced from a company that truly cares about the health of the earth. And, I know my Patagonia products are truly going to last forever.

Patagonia started by being one the first retailers advocating for better production standards and environmental awareness. Now they are beginning to use recycled materials and organic cotton. AND they are expanding their commitment global health by only working with Fair Trade Certified factories around the world.

Society B

Society B is one stop, ethical shopping for everything on your list! They have men, women, and children. They have clothing, accessories, and home goods. And everything they sell is made by a small business artisan across the world. Society B gives these folks a platform for selling their goods while earning a fair wage. AND they donate 10% of your purchase to a charity of your choice. We clearly saved the best for last. Society B will seriously have something for everyone on your list, and these are purchases you can feel really good about.