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How to transition to fall with Accessories!

What is everyone's favorite fall accessory?

The answer is probably scarves.

Well its the middle of September and still 80 degrees and humid in most places so no body be wearing scarves. In fact, even though most of us are ready to switch over to our boots and sweaters, the weather just isn't. So were stuck wearing our summer clothes just hoping the weather gets it soon.

But if you are anything like me, that just isn't going to cut it. I am desperate for all the fall fashion! So when I got dressed this morning and checked the weather, I knew I had to come up with an alternative solution, and voila! The birth of this blog post- how to transition using just accessories!

Here is what I wore today, and how I chose to start off this accessory theme. Probably first and foremost, shoes are going to be your best friend. I love these little mules because a mule is the perfect transition shoe. They are closed toe and yet you do not have to wear socks with them. And this little pattern is the most fall thing ever and make for the perfect transition shoe! Plus a pattern totally spices up an otherwise plain outfit like this!

Next I want to talk about accessories. In the spring and summer, I gravitate towards big earrings. Now part of this is because any other jewelry like a necklace or bracelets has to touch my skin and when I am hot, I completely reject that. So in the fall and winter I go for my statement necklaces. And today was the first day I decided to wear my bracelet stack, which is such a fall thing for me!

So I have two specific recommendations here. One, invest in a pair of fall mules that you love. Whether it is a trendy pattern or a staple color, a good transition shoe is a must! And my current recommendation is a mule, but a flat isn't so bad either! Second, change up the jewelry. I shared my pattern with you, but maybe yours will look a little different. Maybe its going back to your old faithful favorite diamond studs and gold necklace. Maybe it's adding to that bracelet stack. Maybe it's a new watch. Maybe its just getting some cheap and trendy earrings. Or maybe its putting away or pulling that jewelry box all together! Either way, I know many of the jewelry trends are staying the same as last year, so that makes it easy to make that transition!

Here I traded out the mules for one of my trusty pairs of flats! These flats are a staple for me that I find I wear mostly in the fall. Flats are such a great transition shoe, so investing in a pair that you love and will transcend trends is a great idea! I also added a belt (a very trendy belt) to complete this look. I LOVE the snakeskin detail on this bad boy, and honestly it adds so much detail to this otherwise basic look!

My third recommendation is to consider picking up an easy and inexpensive accessory, like a belt, to really wear towards the trends of the coming season while still wearing an outfit that keeps you temperature appropriate. For less than $15, this belt will easily transition just about any outfit from summer to fall! Fourth, just grab what is an "old faithful" for you and wear the heck out of it! This really is a time to just be comfortable because were all sick of the heat!!

Here I simply added another beloved accessory- a wide brimmed hat! I have had many floppy hats I have worn over the years, but I just picked up this wide brim hat and I am obsessed. It is going to dress up and add flair to so many transitional and fall outfits! I opted for this neutral color and literally anticipate I will wear this with EVERYTHING. I see hats all over other bloggers, and I can assure you it is a favorite fall transitional piece!

Fifth, as you can probably predict is seek a new favorite hat! I know hats aren't appropriate for every setting everywhere, but it is also such a fun and unique accessory. I think it specifically speaks fall and is particularly perfect for all of those fun fall themed dates I know we are itching for! Sixth, mix and match some of your favorite accessories for a really dynamic and trendy look to avoid looking like you are just sweating your ass off ;)

And finally, skirts. I don't know why but I totally under utilize skirts. Every year about this time, retailers will release trending fall skirts that make for perfect transition outfits! These are definitely not (necessarily) worthy of a splurge, but you can get so much wear about of them for this awkward season. I picked up this cute orange suede skirt for $17 and I can't wait to wear it like this for these warmer days, or later on with a sweater and OTK boots when it gets cooler. Definitely worth that price. Especially for the comfort and effortless style it will provide!

Hopefully this gave you some accessory ideas to mix up your transitional wardrobe! I have left a link for everything below, so as always...

Happy Shopping xoxo