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How to Wear Your Holiday Pieces Now

So you have festive plaids, glitzy button ups, and bright red sweaters you wore all December long, and you feel you can't wear them anymore. Well what happens if you love those pieces and you WANT to continue wearing them?! Well, girl, go for it! And I am here with a little inspiration on how to do so!

Blazer: Express Top: J Crew Factory

Tip 1: Pattern Mixing

Here I am wearing one of my most favorite holiday plaid button ups paired with a pinstripe blazer. Pattern mixing helps to neutralizes the pop of the holiday patterns, and offers a different spin on the colors. Especially if the other pattern is worn OVER the holiday pattern, your eye is much less likely to identify it as "holiday" and more "cute!" You could also pair this button up with polka dots or a bold horizontal stripe to keep the cute colors but eliminate the holiday association.

Whole Look: J Crew Factory

Tip 2: Off Season Colors

Here I have the same plaid button up underneath a bold blue sweater. If you think of colors that are never worn around the holidays (ie blue, mustard yellow, orange, bright purple), consider pairing them with your holiday pieces. Again, this will help your mind disassociate those patterns or colors with the holidays and instead offer an unexpected yet chic look! This look would also look so cute with a brown suede jacket or mustard cardigan!

Hat: Altar'd State Top: J Crew

Tip 3: Off Season Trends

Here I have one of my other favorite holiday pieces paired with an obviously off season trend: WHITE. The white denim and white hat take this clearly Christmas inspired top into winter and spring territory. Instead of the red and green standing out in the top, the white pops and the rest blends well! AND it totally adds an element of chic because it is so unexpected! Another off season trend could be a denim jacket, a skirt with bare legs, or a vest!

Sweater: Macy's Dress: Old Navy

Tip 4: Do all of the Above! Keep it Unexpected!

Here I paired a bright red chenille sweater with a patterned dress! A dress in a non-holiday color. And without tights or leggings. But the best part of this look? The unexpected pairing. It is unexpected and fun to see a sweater layered over a dress, so that automatically takes some focus off the color or material of the sweater. Same could be true for a pattered top or something with glitz! Just layer it with something so unexpected like a dress or sweater or skirt or vest. I could also have added tassel earrings to this instead of my pave hoops to bring into spring and out of holiday. Sometimes those simple things make all the difference!

We don't have to put our favorites away yet ladies! Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration :)

Happy weekend!