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Instagram Round Up

Hi all!!!

With the move last weekend, I have not been diligent with my Instagram rounding up or linking things in Shop Style. Thus this weeks round up will be a little bit more significant since it is covering two weeks! And now that things are settling in AND I have so many fun activities this fall, I am planning on the content just getting better and better! Shop everything you have seen recently below!

1. Abercrombie Try On

So the super bummer about shopping at this retailer is that they don't affiliate with Shop Style *cry face* But they are still one of my favorite places to shop for fall so I still wanted to share these pieces with you and give you a way to shop even though it does not provide me with a commission!

But also regarding this try on, I shared on Instagram that I don't think I have loved an entire order like this in a LONG time. Each and every one of these pieces is so stinkin cute. They are perfect transition pieces and will be well worn into the fall in so many different ways!!

*** Update *** most of this is 50% RN for LABOR DAY WEEKEND






2. Tennies with the Swag

Y'ALL these tennies are everything! I wore these to work and got so many compliments from the youth! Honestly, when they compliment something it definitely means some swag is involved. So I wore these babies proud with a pretty casual outfit I have linked below!


Unfortunately, I cannot link the tennies through Shop Style, but I can leave the link here for ya!

3. Work OUT

In other news, I have joined a new workout studio and I love it! Its Orange Theory and I have never been so excited to work out! It definitely has all the right elements for a motivation formula- fun playlist, accountability from coaches and peers, a variety of moves, AND an

Old Navy and TJ Maxx right next door. But for real!! I am so happy to have found this and cant wait to feel better, stronger, and healthier!


4. Last Signs of Summer

I am so ready for all things fall, truly. Layers, scarves, chunky sweaters, booties, hot coffee, and pretty colors! And were experiencing some cooler temps but of course it is still overall pretty warm. So I was happy to wear this dress one last time this summer, because at the end of the day I can't resist an easy flowy dress. I am so torn in this in between weather, but I had to share one last fully summer look with you!

Again, not shoppable on Shop Style but I have linked the dress here!

5. Moving Day

Maybe in a whole other blog post, I will open up about what moving feels like to me and how difficult change can be. There is a smile in this photo, but I honestly haven't been smiling much over the last few weeks regarding the move. I just want to be able to be real with you about that, since honesty and transparency is something I really value especially in this internet space. So I am going to link this outfit for you below, but know that there is so much more going on below the surface that I would love to share with you sometime soon :)



Well, this morning I put on a dress for church. Short sleeve, no tights or leggings. And when I came home I immediately changed into this comfy look because the temp never hit 60's and all we did today was more home projects. And I was HERE FOR IT! IT was everything I needed on this labor day weekend. I have linked this whole look below! Spoiler alert: it is all on major sale!


7. Labor Day Sales

I shared some labor day sales on Instagram stories this weekend, because the sales are so good! Most were items I already own that went on sale, but of course I picked up a few new things too :) I have linked all these things below for easy shopping!


Oof, that was a doozy of a post, but I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!