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January Express Ambassador Post

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Happy January all!

New month, new year, new us, Amirite?! Okay, maybe in all seriousness this year absolutely looks like the last (the one we wanted so desperately to do away with). So it's possible nothing has changed at all. But it is still a new month, meaning a new outfit with Express! One thing that definitely hasn't changed for me in 2021 (and may never change) is finding an outfit that delivers both style AND comfort. And this outfit absolutely delivers!

So, can we talk about how perfect this top is for Valentine's day?! I chose this pretty pink color for that exact reason, and just so happened to have the perfect belt to go with it ;) I can't get over the adorable sleeve detail, which I think is super flattering! It's the perfect counter balance to the slim fit of the sweater itself. Its a lightweight material so its perfect for gals in all climates!

Shop it here -- > https://expressambassador.mvk.co/1xrs1

Okay and these jeans.... CAN YOU EVEN?! These jogger jeans are a game changer! I have to admit that my tolerance for wearing jeans has significantly decreased after spending 10 months wearing just leggings and sweatpants, so finding these has seriously changed the game. These are as comfy as all my sweats but look chic as all get out! They have a paperbag waist too and are sooo stretchy. So size down one if you are in between! I have so many ideas for styling these, but my primary advise is to pair something slimmer fit with them to balance the baggier look through the legs of these jeans. And pair a slight heel with them too to elevate the look!

Shop them here --> https://expressambassador.mvk.co/1xrs1

As always, I am also going to link up my accessories- these simple earrings and necklace. The necklace is a set from Amazon, and the earrings are a staple for me from Madewell! The belt is old from Loft, so I can't link that. Thats my other piece of advise for this look. If you are going to wear something with this much detail around the waist, break it up with a belt! It definitely added to the slimming effect. I am also going to link these booties! I found several sizes still in stock from Nordstrom Rack! But I also linked an incredibly similar pair from Nordstrom, and a dupe from Amazon!

Shop them here -- > https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/61yW7AFCRG03hIB9kAtULG

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Happy shopping friends!

xoxo, Alyssa