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Splurge Worthy Gift Guide

Hi friends!

This gift guide is dedicated towards those "big gifts" or splurge purchases. I am aware that every family has a different budget for the holidays so some of us consider $25 a reasonable gift budget, for others its $40-50, and for others yet its way more than that! So this blog post lays out some big purchases for folks who spend a little closer to $100. This will also cover gifts for anybody- men or women or both! Plus, this is the best time of year to purchase these larger items so I wanted to get this post out right away! With that, happy shopping :)

1. Apple Watch/Smart Watch

Recently, my family was talking about the safety features of the Apple watch and how really it wouldn't be all bad if we all have one since there will be times we may not be able to access our phones in an emergency. It totally changed my perspective on the purpose of an Apple watch, beyond just the fact they are pretty darn cool. Thus if you are looking to drop a little cash on someone in your life, this item is at the top of my list for anyone on yours! Get it for $100 off here.

2. Timberland Boots (for him)

When it comes to splurge gifts, I have to say practical is always better. So I definitely want to encourage you to think about spending that money on something that will last and will be well used. Thus boots for men and women are the next two items on the list! These bad boys are waterproof and CJ verified, AND I love how these look fora guy on the go. Good for anyone on the list! You can shop them on sale here.

3. Sorel Boots (for her)

Now let a girl from the midwest tell you what kind of boots you need to survive winter. Now THESE should be on every gal's wishlist, and if they aren't, ADD THEM. These will last forever, are so comfy and totally snow proof, and finally super super cute. You can get these bad boys for 40% off here. Perfect splurge item for every woman in your life who has to brave the winter!

4. Tory Burch Millers

Now if the ladies in your life are not in need of cold weather boots, try these cute designer sandals! They are a total blogger favorite and also last year after year. When I showed these to CJ (they are on my Christmas list), he says "that much for a pair of sandals?!" And trust me, I get it. But when they are a pair you can have for years and go back to day after day, I think they are worth it. Because I know they are durable and they are quickly going to become a staple item in the closet for sure. Get them for 30% off here.

5. Ring Doorbell

Along the same lines as the Apple watch, here is a practical tech item that really serves as safety and security. While I don't have the Ring doorbell, CJ and I bought a home security system last black friday and loved it. It is really the way of the future, so for Christmas you could give someone the gift of the 21st century! But seriously, it's a gift that ultimately benefits the whole family and has a whole host of good reasons. But is also thoughtful, and not necessarily something people want to buy for themselves! Get it for almost $200 off here!

6. Vacuum




Okay, people say vacuums make a lame gift but these days, the vacuums are fancy and I don't know a single adult who doesn't get at least a little excited about a fancy cleaning tool! Vacuums are getting more tech advanced and more lightweight and flexible- not a bad combo! They are also quite expensive and a buzz kill to buy yourself. Soooo a great gift ;)

7. Cookware

Cookware probably isn't a need for everyone, and isn't necessarily an all around gift, but for someone who loves to cook, host people over, or someone who just needs nice pans, it's a really thoughtful and unexpected gift. Again, probably not something people want to purchase for themselves and not often. So its good to go big or go home once, and spend the money to get someone a nice set will have for years to follow! This is a crazy nice set for an absolutely unheard of price!

8. Television

The ultimate gift. Nuff said. But also probably the gift every guy wants to see under the tree! So when in doubt, just go for that bigger TV. Get the best deals on all sizes here.

9. DNA Test

Here is a gift that goes so far beyond just the material. This is a bit of a fad right now, but you hear so many stories of people connecting with family they didn't know they had or learning so much about their history and therefore who they are. You literally cannot put a price on that and it makes such a meaningful. It would also be so cool to have a couple of family members all do the test to compare results and build out the family story. Also, they now make DNA tests for dogs and I definitely want to get one for Dakota! For the price, it makes for a fabulous gift that the receiver will remember far beyond just Christmas day! Get one for half off (!!!) here.

10. Coffee

For the coffee lover in your life, you can't go wrong with the latest and greatest coffee maker. The new trend is at home coffee shop worthy coffee makers so people are basically their own barista. I am a black coffee all day kinda girl so that sounds intimidating to me, but I do love my Keurig. And I can think of like ten other people in my life who would love a little at home coffee bar. It is like giving someone the gift of saving money at Starbucks! This one is by far the most highly rated and is on sale for almost 50% off!

Okay, thats a pricy list, but also some really good staple "gift that keeps on giving" kind of list. So if you are in the market to spend a little more money, this list is for you :)

Happy shopping and as always thanks for using my links!