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Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Thanksgiving is officially less than one week away!! It is now the time to start planning out that turkey day look. All week on Instagram, I focused on thanksgiving day outfit inspo, both in what I shared on stories and what I posted on the feed. I am now rounding up all those looks and talking about what I love about each look as it relates to thanksgiving!

For me personally, I think comfy is the name of the game. I know some people like to dress up on the holidays, and I fully support that! But thanksgiving for my family looks like bouncing around to a couple of different houses to see a couple of different families, and then ending the day with a little Black Friday shopping well into the night! Thus, I usually opt for something simple that I can wear for an insane number of hours. Now that I work for a church, our thanksgiving day gets extended even longer. Our church puts on a community wide thanksgiving dinner that usually serves about 300 people. I try to go to church early in the morning to help prep the meal for all those who will walk through the door for lunch. I love being able to donate at least some time, even if I can't leave the family to have lunch with the community. Regardless, we are looking at about 7am Thursday to like 3 am Friday in the same outfit, soooo your girl will definitely be cozy! But since everyone's day looks different, I have offered a lot of different options below for your choosing!

Elements of the look I love:

- The color of the sweater. Swoon!

- The cropped fit. For a different style.

- High rise jeans. Tuck in the gut :)

Elements of the look I love:

- Cozy, oversized sweater. A win for all the reasons above.

- Leggings. DUH.

- Knee high or OTK boots. Adds a certain level of chic to elevate the look.

This is *actually* my ideal thanksgiving look!

Elements of the look I love:

- Colorblock. Could these colors be anymore thanksgiving?!

- Denim.

- Cozy tennis shoes. For all that Black Friday shopping.

Also a pretty ideal outfit for me.

Elements of the look I love:

- Shawl. Something comfortable and different.

- Turtleneck. Soft and dressy.

- Statement earrings. Dress it up a bit.

Elements of the look I love:

- Cardigan. An easy piece to either dress up or down depending on your preference.

- Denim.

- A pretty tee shirt. To communicate the season/holiday.

Elements of the look I love:

- Soft and easy sweater. Keep it simple.

- Scarf. Stay warm but looks so so cute and amplifies the look.

- Hair accessory. Just unexpected fun.

Elements of the look I love:

- Sweater dress. Look cozy and dressed up, and hide leggings underneath.

- Color. Perfect fall color.

- Throw vest, jacket or cardi on. Or fly solo!

Okay, now we're going to dress up a bit!

Elements of the look I love:

- Stretchy midi skirt. Stretchy, obviously.

- Sweater blazer. Keep it comfortable and classy! Best of all the worlds.

- Booties. Dressy booties that just so happen to be comfortable for all the walking.

Elements of the look I love:

- Dress. Stretchy and comfy.

- Hat. SO CUTE.

- Sneaks. Again, comfort.

So if I had to boil it down to just a handful of things it's this: where comfort meets chic. Basically, the formula to a perfect thanksgiving outfit is any piece that meets those two qualifications. So a stretchy dress or skirt with fun accessories, or a cozy sweater with a popping scarf. Or a sweater that is perhaps color block or a statement fall color, or pairs well with leggings. Or great shoes that make the outfit pop. Essentially, whatever "chic" and "comfort" means to you is what you should be looking for and wearing this Thanksgiving day!

I cannot wait to reveal to you all what I plan to wear :)

Happy Sunday!