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The 'Under $25' Gift Guide!

Hi friends!

This is the first of many 2019 gift guides!! I can't wait to share a bunch with you and hopefully help to give some great ideas for those you love and have to buy gifts for! That being said, I know I may not pick out things that you would ever buy, but I might at least be giving you an idea of where to look, like what retailers and in what sections and where some things might be on sale. You know, just a spring board! And that is okay!

So here is the first gift guide, it is the under $25 list, primarily for the non men in your life (men's gift guides to come)! Think friends, teachers, secret santa's, stocking stuffers or just budget friendly gifts! Here are some of my personal favs!

1. Best Candle Ever


Okay, I get it I cheated on this first one because it is actually $30. Well, don't sue me yet, because these babies are going on sale right around Black Friday definitely putting them in the under $25 category. You definitely can't go wrong with any kind of candle, but I would say these have proven to be a crowd favorite time and time again. So if it is for someone you don't know super well or is a secret santa deal and you don't know who will get it, this is always a winning option. The best feature is the really pretty container so its also a great decor piece for the home in addition to having a great smell and being non-toxic. A win win win in my book!

2. Monogramed Mug


For anyone who loves a hot beverage, you can never go wrong with a personalized coffee mug! These sweet cups are great quality and are just... wait for it... $10!!! They make a PERFECT stocking stuffer! Or a great gift for the friend group at friendsgiving. Or add a package of coffee or hot chocolate inside to make it a secret santa gift. Or give it alongside that big ticket item like a new Nespresso or dish set. So many options at such an affordable price! This is also one of my favorite things to get the person "who just has it all" because you can never have too many favorite coffee mugs!

3. Coasters




Now for a totally unique idea, personalized coasters! I have done coasters for a few bridal shower gifts when I have been on budget gift wise, and I am always surprised at how well they go over. I think its something we all prefer to have to protect our furniture but who really things about buying them?? Therefore, they make a really fun and unique, and also affordable, gift. I have linked some really precious ones here, but of course if you were looking around, you would find a lot more options to suit those you are buying for! Also, 'girl who has it all approved' :)

4. Hair Accessories




Now the possibilities here are totally endless. I have linked a few options here from one of my favorite retailers to buy accessories from simply because they have sooooo many adorable and affordable options. With this little gift you can pick out something for the girl, if you know her well, and ensure it is something she will love! Or just pick out something you would like to give for that secret santa! This is so trendy right now you will have no problem finding something super cute, and it is a gift that is sure to go over well.

5. Jewelry




Pretty much the same concept as the hair accessories, here. The options are completely endless! There is no shortage of places you can shop, price ranges you can find, and styles you will enjoy. Jewelry gives you an option to really pick out something you know the person will love and gives you a chance to get a little more personal, like the monogram necklace I have linked. Or you can go totally generic if you don't know the person well, like the dainty, layered, totally trendy, necklace I have linked. Or you can get really saucy and make a statement with the earrings I have linked. Truly endless possibilities.

6. PJ's


Another gift that I think is totally fun and totally under rated is pajamas! I have linked this super cute and affordable set because it I don't know a single person in my life who wouldn't totally love it. And no, it's not weird. If you think your gal wouldn't love the holiday print, there are so many pajama sets on this retailer's page that I think would be adorable and totally appropriate. Because basically you are just getting the person really affordable loungewear and you really can't go wrong with that! AND you don't have to worry about getting a perfect size or fit because its just at home wear! There is a short and button up top set that I think would be perfect for any expecting or nursing mamma's in your life too! And best of all, this is 'gal who has everything' approved.

7. Scarves


So listen, the 'girl who has it all' could always use more scarves all right? Honestly, a scarf is my go-to when I really don't have a great, right off the bat, idea and I am on a budget. Because who doesn't want or wear a scarf? You can also find scarves in every price range and can easily add matching gloves or a hat to make it a set if you want to spend a little more and jazz it up a little. I would say without a doubt, a scarf is the easiest gift to give!

8. Socks/Slippers


Okay, you are totally capable of finding socks anywhere. So I won't take the time to link those. I recommend Smartwool socks, fuzzy or plush socks, or J Crew camp socks if you want to gift socks for a stocking or secret santa. Always a hit! But what I do want to share are these slippers. I LOVE mine and they will honestly make it onto every gift guide I post because they are just that good. I recommend you get them for every single person on your list- so serious. Your mom, sister, unknown secret santa coworker, MIL, SIL, grandma, cousin you never talk to, and your own stocking! I don't say this a lot, but these are a MUST for anyone and everyone. And when they are 50% off (which they will be very very soon) they come in just under 25 bucks!

9. Coffee Table books




This one may seem super random. but also isn't that kind of what a gift guide is for??? I love this idea because each of these are less than $15, making them a super affordable option. But they also double as home decor and a conversation piece. And some are really helpful with their own tips and tricks, and some are just plain funny. Regardless, they are on the rise as far as a home decor trend goes and can be super super cute. These make an awesome gift for someone you don't know super well or even as a secret santa option, because it still looks and feels like you put a lot of thought into it! And also a great stocking stuffer for a gal in your life. Similarly, I would think something like this works fort he guys in your life too! But maybe more like towards their own hobbies or whatever. ;)

10. Shop Local

I am such a big advocate for shopping local and the holiday season is no exception. If you are on a budget for a gift but you want to still make it special and meaningful, I would highly recommend going into a local boutique store and just finding something that speaks to you and your price range. Some of my most favorite gifts are thoughtful items that someone picked up at a mom and pop shop because they thought of me when they saw it. I have been accused of being the 'gal who has it all' and people still manage to find special gifts when they shop local! So no links here, just 10/10 recommend to check out whatever little shops you have near you!

So that's the whole gift guide for ya, but I wanted to offer one final reminder. If you shop through one the links above but don't necessarily want the item I have linked, I still credit for any purchase you make with that retailer through my links. SO I super appreciate you taking the time to use one of these links to shop, even if it isn't necessarily what I have shared. It just shows you me you appreciate what I am doing here, and helps me stick with it! Especially during these busy busy holidays!

I love feedback from you all on if this was helpful and maybe even what you would like to see more of! I love doing this for y'all!

Happy shopping and happy holidays!