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TREND ALERT: White Sneakers

Hi all!

I want to get back into sharing seasonal trends AND multiple ways to style single items. Last year I did a trend post every season, and I kind of think that's what I will do again but a little differently. This year I want to post a little trend alert every once and a while throughout the season! And included in that will be a round up of some of my favorites of that trend and multiple ways to style them! So this is the first of many :)

And up first? White sneaks! These were making an appearance last spring and summer, but are officially here in full force. White sneakers will definitely make a statement with spring looks, but of course are super practical and will carry you through all 12 months! This trend gained popularity likely because white sneakers are so comfortable, and if you can make them chic? Why wouldn't you? We're pairing them with shorts and a tee shirt, an athleisure look, or a sundress! The possibilities are endless, and I am loving this chic and practical trend!

So here are some of my favorites and a handful of styling ideas!

These little adidas are super sporty and really cute. They have really high reviews as being incredibly comfortable. These do err on the athleisure side, so I think they make an outfit that you maybe want to wear for a day out and about that might require lots of walking or movement! They can be dressed up super carefully, but largely these are a great every day bopping around kind of shoe! These are currently 25% with code FORTHEWIN. I actually have these in my cart right now because they are my top pick from this post!

Here are a handful of options for a slip on white sneaker. Each have a different price point, and all kind of have their own vibe. I love the look of a slip on with a fun sundress. These are my favorites for both dressing up with dresses and skirts and of course throwing on for an effortless/dressed down look. I think the first pair is the most dressy with its little iridescent shine, but the middle pair have the best reviews. And the last, the Keds, are a super timeless shoe that return year after year! Each of these are 25% off with code FORTHEWIN.

Honestly, it is this style shoe is probably the whole reason this is such a trend. The last pair here is a designer pair and a HUGE splurge. But all the priors are really great dupes at varying price points. People are going nuts over these babies and many retailers and brands are coming out with mocks of these designer sneaks. But, there is a reason that so many people are willing to spend the big bucks on these shoes. It is because these are the greatest all around white sneaker. These babies look so cute dressed up with dresses and skirts, AND dressed down with leggings and denim jackets. I think if you are looking to jump into the trend but want the shoe to be all around/all outfit appropriate, then these are your guys. You can of course choose a cheaper option, and don't have to go with the designer pair to get the designer look! The final draw to these cuties is that they are also an elevated sneaker. They have color and pattern and definitely jazz up an outfit in unexpected ways!

Here is another pair with excellent dressed up and dressed down capacity. Air Force 1's are definitely making a come back and I am in love! These certainly won't be everyone's favorite but I think they are the best all around shoe on this post. They have a chunkier style to them, which might scare people, but that seems to be part of the trend too. So, I say give them a fair chance! If you really can't get past the lift in the shoe, then you can stick to the slip ons above. And they are a middle of the road price point, which is always great! These are the shoes you will see styled a bunch of ways, just to prove the point ;)

And here is a similar look to the Air Force 1's for less!

And lastly, we have these bad boys! These kind of feel to me like the best of all the words I have shared above. They have the fun platform, which is super trendy, but they aren't too chunky. In fact, I think they look kind of sleek! They have the same style vibe as the slip ons even though they have ties, so they will dress up really well too! And they are just a crisp white so they will go with every single thing, which may be a draw back to the golden goose style. And they are less sporty than the first Adidas pair and the Air Force 1's, so they dress up easier. AND, they have excellent reviews as being super comfy. They are also canvas, so they will wash up super easy! And finally, they are also a very manageable price.

SO. Now that you have picked out your favorite pair, are you ready to see them styled? Without further ado...

Athleisure Elevated

The BEST part is your look stylish even after a workout!

Bold and Beautiful

Highly recommend adding these sneaks and distressed denim to your most feminine looks!

Swing into Spring

The sneaks are an unexpected but VERY trendy addition to this perfect spring outfit!

Street Style

The jeans and the body suit just make this look overall effortless, but the sneaks and sherpa really elevate it! Especially when the spring temps require layers!

Oversized Couture

Add the sneaks and go get it girl! Honestly reminds me of hip hop dancers LOL!

Business Casual Chic

And the headband was just too cute an accessory not to pair with this for summer!

Hope you all enjoyed and feel way more confident with trying out a white sneaker! Happy Spring :)

xoxo, Alyssa