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Two Weeks in Europe- Sevilla, Spain

First, I wanted to showcase all of the bottoms I am bringing on this trip, and what I will be mixing it up with the whole time! Because I feel like I am going on this trip with a fashion oriented job to do, I kind of had to overpack. I am normally far better at packing lightly (especially better than my hubby(, but this trip I just kind of went for it! I had the suitcase space so here we go. But I still stuck to relatively light bottom options. We will be in 70ish degree weather which can be unpredictable, thus I stuck to mostly jeans with one addition of a denim skirt! My legs are longing to breathe so lets hope it works out!



Distressed Jeans


Mom Jeans


The skirt serves an obvious purpose- to let my legs breathe and dress up a little bit! Then I have one pair of non-distressed jeans for when I am craving a clean look. These are also the thermolite jeans, which are designed to keep you a bit warmer! Then of course I had to bring along distressed jeans! I love a good outfit with cutie distressed jeans, and with all the sweaters I am packing, these will be the perfect pairing! And finally, I curated a super cute outfit with these mom jeans that will be a tribute to spring! It is honestly the only reason they are getting packed LOL. I could not resist these jeans, and I know they will be a staple this spring! Then I packed one pair of my most favorite Lysse leggings that seriously fit and look like a dress pant, but are WAY more comfortable. And then a favorite pair of Lululemon leggings for those just in case moments of activity and exercise.

Now onto outfits!

You will notice I am really mastering the cute outfits with tennis shoe looks! Comfort is going to be paramount this trip, so I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished here :)

Day 5: White cities of Sevilla


Mom Jeans


Day 6: Carnaval in Cadiz




Day 7: Northern Spain




T Shirt

Up next is our time in Northern Spain, including Madrid! Here is a shot of one of these outfits come to life!

Hope all is well! We are better now that we are soaking up the sunshine!!