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Welcome Altar'd State to Grand Rapids!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Hello everyone! It's Madeline here to tell you about an incredible project The Retail Therapists were a part of this week. Friday we had a sneak peak of the brand new Altar'd State in Woodland Mall here in Grand Rapids! We were like little kids the week before Christmas for days leading up to Friday! To set the scene for how meaningful this is for us, we need to go back a few years...

One day at work, I was wearing a flowing, tiered, cozy cardigan from Altar'd State. I had just moved to Michigan about a year earlier and the nearest Altar'd State was about three hours away. Moving from Austin, where the Altar'd State in the Domain was practically my home, I was having withdrawals. I walked into work on this day and Alyssa said "I love that sweater where is that from?" I replied, "it's from a place back home called Altar'd State..." I was definitely not used to people in West Michigan knowing about my very favorite brand. Instead, Alyssa grabbed my arm in excitement and said "I love Altar'd State!"The rest is history! From then on, we bonded over our favorite brands; love for fashion, identical style, and similar values. All of which brings us home to Altar'd State:

We wanted to start with this story to explain to you we are HUGE fans of the brand, both separately and together, and could not be more excited they are now in our back yard!  When we got to the mall on Friday we were practically skipping our way to the new store front! Y'all- it is BEAUTIFUL! The newest Altar'd State is a show stopper with their Christmas windows sparkling and shimmering. The copper doors were bright, shiny and inviting. The butterfly tiles on the floor in the entry way stood out from the dull and dirty mall floor. The overflowing greenery hanging from the ceiling made you feel like you were entering an oasis. The plush chair and perfectly styled mannequin outside the door made us feel like we were truly home. When you arrive at Altar'd State, you can't help but feel invited into something special. 

Once we walked into the store, we were instantly greeted with the sweet perfection of the Sanctuary fragrance and the sweetest Store Director, Marla. Beyond the entrance and the warm welcome, we couldn't help but be caught up in all of the details that carefully guide through the entire store. Greenery, sparkle, and furniture carefully placed to intentionally create an inviting and warm space. Each section of the store is dedicated to a theme and is carried through to a tee.. whether it was holiday sparkle or comfy cozy, Altar'd State follow through! In each section you will find perfectly paired accessories, home decor, and sweet gifts!

Marla then introduced us to her team and told us her story of how she joined the Altar'd State team. Her story was laced with beautiful pictures of the Lord's faithfulness in her journey to this store. Alyssa and I both had chills multiple times throughout the morning and maybe a few tears! Marla's dedication to the Altar'd State mission was perfectly evidenced in her own story, and she will be an amazing leader for the West Michigan community!  On top of the wonderful shopping experience, Altar'd State is committed to investing in the community and giving back. Every Monday the store gives 10% of their profits to a local non profit! Marla shared which Grand Rapids non profit would be this quarter's recipient, and it just so happens to be one close to Alyssa's heart! In addition, every store hosts a child in another country to help provide needed resources and encouragement from afar. 

This is not a company that is in business for selfish pride or vanity. Altar'd State believes in standing out for good and for creating a more beautiful you. Altar'd State truly believes in giving back, outfitting, celebrating all body types, and empowering their team to believe in themselves first!  

Alyssa and I cannot stop reflecting on how amazing it is that God brought us together through Altar'd State, and how God brought us to Altar'd State through this blog. Starting this relationship is truly a perfect fit! We are so excited and thankful, and so anxious to continue to promoting a brand we deeply love!

Now go please join us and go shopping!  #standoutforgood #myaltardstate #myaltardstatestyle #altardstate #givingback #womeninconfidence #fashion #abeautifulsoul