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What I'm loving right now.

Well, here we are! The middle of January. The only thing we have going for us at this point is Valentine's Day and maybe a spring break trip if you're into that. So it's the middle of winter. It's cold. We aren't celebrating anything. What do we have going for us?! What the heck do we wear?!

To add to this weird lull, retail is also stuck in a lull. If you have done any shopping at all right now, you know that stores are a confusing mix of great deals and spring wear. It makes it challenging to know what to shop for because it just plain feels too early for spring!

Well I am here to offer sometime inside tips on how I navigate this weird season and how I manage to stay focused on style!

First, most retailers have all of their winter styles on major clearance right now because they are trying to clear the racks to make room for spring styles. Retailers are also going through end of the year inventory, so the less product the better! Thus stores are probably really thin right now with only so so spring selection, and mostly clearance. I have said it once and I will say it again, for a Michigan gal like me, THIS is the time to stock up on jeans, sweaters, and winter weather clothing. I can buy things at a deep discount but still wear it for the next three months! It's a no brainer! But spring styles are coming, and I bet if you head out shopping within the next two weeks, you will see fuller stores but FULL ON SPRING. Now these styles are aimed at the places that will really start warming up over the next couple months or for those of us who are going on spring break. So of course if you are going on a trip, now is your time and you are set! If you are sticking around a winter wonderland, just hold your horses. Better things are coming, just give your wallet a little rest :)

Second, to me it feels like we never really had time to wear winter styles. We go right from fall into holiday, and then holiday into spring. Where and when can I wear sweaters?! If you feel me, then I promise head out and shop those clearance racks! We have plenty of time to wear sweaters, but shopping for fresh ones can be the challenge. Clearance is the answer!

Finally, the trick of the trade is to start keeping an eye out for those transition pieces. That could be a sweater with bright pastel colors, or a more lightweight sweater with layering potential, or dresses that can be worn with or without leggings. And THIS tip is what takes me into THREE things I am loving right now.

1. Sweaters

Surely this sounds obvious to you, but think about it. We have reached a boring season that does not give us much sunlight or joy. All we want to wear is sherpa and leggings because maaeeehhhhh. But how easy is it to just have a rotation of great sweaters that can be paired with leggings or jeans? All you have to do is add shoes and good to go! Having that rotation of sweaters you love is the first start! Here is mine:

Chicory Lane - Chicory Lane - Altar'd State - Abercrombie - Pink Lily Boutique

2. Booties

The best way to spice up your sweater and jean rotation is fun booties. Booties add so much chic to an outfit, especially if they have an unexpected detail! Booties are likely a combination of on clearance and full price. I am currently shopping for a pair of comfy booties for Spain, so I can account for this first hand! Here are my current favs:

Target - Target - J Crew Factory - Walmart

3. Sweater dresses

To get more specific, I love a good sweater dress this season! Sweater dresses pose so many options. They can be dressed up with over the knee boots, or dressed down with tennies. They could be worn with leggings, tights, or neither. They can be worn with any kind of accessory. It also makes me feel a little more put together like I am wearing a dress, but am still so comfy! Here are a few options for you!

So maybe taking a shopping break is right for you. Maybe starting a little spring break shopping is right for you. Maybe finding those staple sweaters is right for you. Wherever you are, I hope you found these tips a little helpful!

Happy January, y'all!