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What's on my birthday list?!

Hello favorite followers :)

This blog post is going to be all about ME and what I have on my BIRTHDAY LIST this year!

My birthday is Tuesday, Nov 6 which, yes, is election day. On top of having share my special day with the whole country nervously and excitedly casting votes, I also share my special day with my husband. Yup, we have the same birthday.

Most years it is a lot of fun and is a good reason to go away for the weekend. But the past couple of years, we just haven’t been able to swing a getaway. This year he told me he THOUGHT about surprising me with a trip to Chicago, but ended up not. Anybody else would have rather not even known that was an option?! I would have LOVED that, but NOPE. So on years we don’t do anything special, we have to make an effort to help one another feel loved and celebrated. One of the couple of ways we do that is my getting each other nice surprise gifts. Another way is by treating ourselves to a nice dinner. And others yet is quality time during a weekend away.

This year we have to settle on gifts. But we are always open to other suggestions!!! :)

I think that the people in my life struggle with what to get me for gifts. On the one hand, I love everything and am pretty easy to shop for. On the other, I love everything and am quick to buy things for myself rather than wait to receive it as a gift. Whoops. Sorry about that loved ones! I am trying to be better at this.

Anywhooo. Without further ado, here is my birthday list! Complete for those who love to spoil their loved ones with great gifts, and those who have to shop for the girl who literally has it all!

1. Spanx Leggings

These leggings are such a closet staple, but are definitely an investment. I love to have investment pieces I have had my eye on on my birthday list because they are always worth the anticipation. And it works out because investments like this definitely start to go on sale this time of year!

2. Perfume

As a lover of Bath and Body Works scents, I have been thinking it is probably time to graduate to a real perfume- a signature scent if you will. As opposed to changing every season ;) And ever since Madeline and I connected with Altar'd State a few weeks ago, I have decided their signature scent is exactly the one I need!

3. Feasting on the Word

Now that I have my new job as Associate Minister, it is time to invest in weekly preaching resources. Not exactly the most fun and exciting, but a good list includes the things you need but don't really want to buy yourself. Plus, I am a total theology nerd and I do love stuff like this :)

4. Slippers

It's time to replace my trusty ole J Crew slippers. I love this pair and its time for new ones! Plus, it is helpful to have lower price point items on the list!

5. Essential Oils

I have an ever growing list of essential oils to add to my collection. One can never have to many, right? You have to be prepared! Plus, this again provides an option for almost every budget!

Thanks for reading along! Again, maybe this will give you some ideas for those tricky gals in your life!